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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
I'd be willing to buy these and shoot them. Would prefer a super heavy weight Bastard instead like a 0.80g-2.0gram BB. Preferably not metal since that is such a no no in Canada.
I know the market here is very limited for such types of ammo, but, BB Bastard now spans Canada, the US and shortly Europe. There are jurisdictions that would even use these in games - even at higher velocities, its still under ASTM F1776 for joule level paintball goggle penetration. Would I want to be tagged with one of these? Nope. Talk about hurt locker. But for accurized distance shooting or competition shooting, for sure.

I have a number of materials that form hardened crystal lattices that can be used to make various levels of weight. I'm experimenting with at least 3 more right now.
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