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A peek into BB Bastards Lab

I thought I'd give everyone a little teaser and show these experimental puppies off.

Be warned. If you thought Silicas were scary evil BBs, these are the snotballs of lord Satan himself.

And a closeup on one:

The black strands and blemishes are not in the BB, that is dust sitting on the BB.

So what are these - this is the game. I'll describe their properties:

MOHs Hardness Scale: 8 or higher (sorry, thats too easy, thats not the exact number)
Crystaline Structure: tetragonal
Each BB is CNC formed and polished using a diamond based media.
Weight: 0.60+ grams (not going to give you the exact weight, lol)
Diameter: 5.95250mm exactly.

Each BB is perfect. And I mean, absolutely perfect form (sphere), perfect weight distribution at the molecular level. There isn't a more balanced and perfect BB on the planet. Where silica is 99.9% pure, this is 100% pure.

Cost? Gads for the 10 I've made so far, way too much. When actually available in retail quantities? about $2 per round.
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