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Especially in Ontario, as it's actually illegal to sell to under 18. Other provinces it's only a "guideline" however it is a generally enforced age limit to sell to in other provinces.

Also yes you can play just ask nicely and don't be a whiny idiot. If they say tough luck come back in 2 years then do it cause you're in luck even if you can't play right now, most places it's 18+ only so be thankful there's a place that will let you play. If they say sorry come back in 4 years then just wait it out and you'll be 18. Keep in mind there are places like "Low Shots" and "Ambush Anonymous" who run a pretty good ship (I respect them for what they're doing and they are doing it safely and smartly so I don't have a problem with that) and allow minors but they're really outliers as it's general policy around Canada for 16+ or 18+.
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