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Originally Posted by ccssneo View Post
I personally love the look of the mp5sd6. The suppressor and the retractable stock.... sex.
my current config is MP5A2 but I do like it when I switch it to MP5SD2.

Originally Posted by george p burdell View Post
really $1000, I've heard that it is expensive, but does $600 go into clothes? vests cost ~$30 according to a thread on one of the other forums here, and do i really need a sidearm? that seems like where a lot of money would go also
I bought a used mp5 for $400 a while back. have easily dumped another $500+ getting it just right for me! but that's because I broke it and then went on an upgrade spending spree!

sidearms are not required but recommended for some games. for cqb where you enter a building , it's typically safer to shoot in close range over and AEG. also, the shorter barrel allows you to turn corners a tighter and faster.

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