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I will post this in the event thread as well.

The TFs met this weekend and it was a fantastic conference. The course work was vetted by a very wide range of vets with fire, police, military, martial arts, educational and backgrounds as well as being airsoft players. The courses were tuned well beyond my expectations - the contributions they've made have made this soooooooo much better. The courses are more sensible and are packed with more learning objectives than even I thought we could do or thought of.

The site is being updated, but one key change we've made is this:

Because of the integrated nature of the 101 system, the courses are offered in the following manner:

DAY 1 ONLY - $70 Includes AEG101 and AIRSOFT101 and the light breakfast/lunch only.
DAY 1 & DAY 2 - $120 Includes AEG101, AIRSOFT101, the full meal plan, overnight stay, COMM101 and TEAM101 and graduation to ASU-LC.

Those who can for time or financial reasons only take DAY 1 will be able to take DAY 2 on another weekend and complete their ASU-LC. ASU maintains all guest attendance records and individual completion certificates are issued for each course. Those who want to do a DAY 1 will be offered a DAY 2 in August and be able to finish and get their LC. Those who do both days and get their LC will be able to sign up for the post-LC courses offered for August.

So, if you want to and are able to attend, please sign up and go to the BUY NOW buttons and sign up. We only need 30 people signed up for a full weekend to make it go - from what I can see, easily achievable.

To Purchase:

Full course descriptions can be found here:

Event Posting in ASC:
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