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35 000 airsofters on Airsoft Hub - Facebook

Hi guys,

As I'm new on the Forum I can shortly introduce myself. I'm Thomas the Admin of the Airsoft Hub on Facebook.
Today, we gathered 35 000 Airsofters on one single page.
You can check it here:

Everyone are welcome. Feel free to check it and join. It's free, plenty of information.
It would be a pleasure to see there

We have a new Airsoft Program on the way: Airsoft Squared, you can check it as well:
Enter your email to receive a beta invite. (about 1000 left).

Thanks and talk to you soon.

Airsoft Fanpage Press Release

The Airsoft Hub connects Teams & Players on Facebook

Started from scratch in February 2010, the Airsoft Hub is born of a simple idea: leveraging Facebook and reach a critical mass of fans to connect Airsoft players and teams. Thanks to the contribution of its 29 000 members, the Airsoft Hub is now simply the fastest growing Airsoft fanpage on Facebook and one of the most active community online.

The Airsoft Hub offers simple features such as news, reviews, forums, ingame photos and tactical resources thanks to partnerships with big players. As Airsoft is becoming mainstream, we think it's now time to take the Community to the next level. We are now focusing on new features such as an Airsoft products Marketplace and an International Airsoft Events Calendar.

To join our community and help us building the most awesome Airsoft community:
Visit our fanpage on and click on I like.
Partnerships and Press releases: airsoft.fanpage [@]

Key Numbers:
35 000 members in 5 months
300 new members everyday
10% growth every month
20 partners / blogosphere and ecommerce

Feb 29th 7 850 fans
Apr 3rd 12 750 fans
Apr 17th 20 000 fans
May 5th 25 150 fans
May 14th 27 200 fans
June 20th 35 000 fans
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