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Originally Posted by BaN-wes View Post
I like the AK-47 alot, Should I get that, say with a small scop or red dot on it. I would like to know a cheap price. I am all so looking for a team to join. I am big in to paintball and know the know how to play the pro way,outdoors and indoors stuff.
1. Good, then Get an AK-47 there are currently over a dozen different manufacturers of this airsoft variant avaliable. Get out to a local game and get age verified (if your over 18) and select a retailer and purchase your chosen variant. As for price once you've completed your age verification you can choose the model you find best priced.

2. Putting a scope on an AEG is not really necessary, but its your call. However modern warfare this is not. You will need to source a mount for it.

3. Teams are great ways to make friends and enjoy the experience. However this is not paintball nor speedball. There is no "pro" way. Ever. At all. Period. The word is a joke in airsoft and will usually garner laughs of ridicule. Get out to a game and enjoy yourself, be competitive but realize that the vast majority of people are out there to immerse themselves in the experience and enjoy themselves, being overly competitive or aggressive can cause problems.

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