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the Plan

Here ya go Bud..
Head to BB bastard. get your self 2000 rds of .28 Silica)
Head to wall mart and get them a bucket of 12 gram POS BBs
Turn your hop up - up and start smokin them from farther away, watch as their rounds go ever direction around you, then squeeze off one bastard and wait for them to stop crying that it hurts and they cant see them comming hhahah.
oh you might have to buy a couple crying towels for them (hey one last expense hahahah)
Good luck and play safe
A single Light is all one needs to find their way through the darkness, But a single BB is all you need to bring it on!
Im not worried about the Bullet that has my Name on it, Im worried about the bullet that says "to whom it may concern"
Lt. Alexander Washington -(Red Tails 1944) Ret.

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