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RANGERS 2010 - International Milsim

Organized by Com.Sub.Air, the International MilSim Game “RANGERS 2010” will be held in the main portuguese army base "Campo Militar de Santa Margarida", home of the "Brigada Mecanizada", army unit with 5.000 soldiers.

The “RANGERS” series started two years ago with “RANGERS 2008”, this was a game with portuguese and spanish players.

In "RANGERS 2009" we had teams coming from Spain, France, Italy and Holland.

The “RANGERS SERIES" has been growing in diversity but not in the number of players because that is not our Goal.

We only want to have a good Milsim Game !

Some player will call “RANGERS 2010” a Tactical MilSim game; others will call it Hardcore Milsim, for us it’s just GREAT FUN organized by MilSim crazy guys for MilSim crazy guys!

The general spirit is: AS REAL AS POSSIBLE!

This means long duration missions, non-stop game, tactical and logistical difficulties, unbalanced situations, causalities and other game rules with real impact on the physical and psychological performance of the teams.

It’s a hard and singular event that some will love and others will hate!


The game Site:

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