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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
If it hurt you getting hit in the tooth imagine how nice it'll feel getting hit in the eye. Use proper eye protection.

And where were you playing?
Originally Posted by the_blob View Post
hmm probablty not the right place ? In a small forest behind an arena

Yea no, Definitely not the right place.

Welcome to Airsoft Canada

Yes Teeth can be damaged by Airsoft projectiles, everyone's teeth are different thus there is no "chart" that determines what will do what to what. If your worried about chipped teeth then either wear a full face mask or a mouth guard or keep your mouth shut.

Never engage in Airsoft on property that you do not either OWN or know the person whom owns it and have been given permission to use Said property. Your running around with guns people, common sense comes into play. I bet that a few times during your play you had a twang of guilt for playing where you where playing.

Read as much as you can. Then get out to a game in your area and talk to people already in the sport. Buy proper certified Eye protection and Use it, also proper support footwear is also needed.

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