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i want to get a foundation in boxing first im thinking 2 years then going into kick boxing at kb-1 and judo. if you ever really pay attention to ufc in general there technical striking (not 1 shot ko's but straight rights and left with a proper guard) and there footwork (most of the time there flat footed and dont circle they just go back and for like rock'em sock'ems) theres exeptions of course like anderson silva, amazing boxing and muay thai, with great bjj. but i think judo would be better for me because when the guy goes in for the take down i could toss him because im not a huge fan of ground fighting because being 6'3 i want to keep my reach advantage and on the ground everyones the same hight.

but yeah other than private lessions i dont have anything to really spend money on other than skipping ropes, so i think airsoft would be something fun like video games and would still give me a cardio workout.

oh and the drivers license req probably for the best might give me the push to accually get it but im so cheap and i dont want to spend that 25 bucks.

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