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I alos have a cottage, about 1.5 acres that we play on a lot. All the advice on this thread is really good. the other thing you might want to consider is to play in the off season when there aren't as many neighbors on the lake and the bugs are better. We tend to play in early April before the bugs are out and after labour day. Far less worries about neighbors or sightseers coming down the road during this time period but the weather is still nice enough to play. But number one rule respect your neighbors and their property, the cops will only show up if called so be nice. Try to play as far away from the road as possible(which is tough on only 1.5 acres) but if vehicles/walkers do come, just like road hockey when you were a kid call it and everybody stops playing until the vehicle/people have passed. A smile and a wave usually helps too and if they stop to ask explain what you are doing cheerfully.

"It's paintball only without the mess" is a line that always works for me. People automatically associate paintball with harmless fun(it just seems to have better PR)

One last thing...if you do play a lot during high summer season I guarantee you that one day the cops will show up(there is always that one PC Leftie asshole on the lake who thinks you are a budding terroist threat). When that happens exercise strict safety disciplne, be courteous, respectful and obedient, chances are they will just warn you as cottage country cops in most cases are a little more laid back than city cops.

Go to BB Bastard's websight, Scarecrow's got a good PDF on rules and safety for airsoft.

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