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I have yet to try the BBB Silicas, but I look forward to it.

I happen to win a bag of BioMAX .27s in the contest here a little while ago.

I am at about half the bag. I have used them at an indoor CQB field with a 345 fps rifle. The players there where aware that I was using glass BBs, and some complained.

I shot a lot of people that night. Every single one of them, I went to ask if the hit was more painfull than usual. I have not received any complain about the glass BBs. Except that they could not see them arrive like the regular white ones...

I have an ICS semi-clear receiver here somewhere, that will die for the cause when I buy the BBB Silicas. Also have a set of Bolle T-800 that never got hit close range that will also die for the cause.

I have some BBB .28s, Armist .28s, BioMAX .27s, BBB .25s, Metaltech .25s and KSC .25s to test and see the results.

I intent to do a full test, with photography after each shot and document the issue once and for all.
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