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We did a 'Spec Ops' (Will Willis on Discovery Channel) just this past weekend. We had a time limit of 3 1/2 hours. No clue who, how many or if there would be an opfor. No idea of the terrain until we had our sat images, (and I only live 10 min from the property). When we arrived we had to cross a 'creek' which was more like a river, up to our chests in water. Took on an opfor that was ready to ambush us at the objective. Completed the objective and had to bug out crossing the stream again, all the while taking enemy fire. Basically the closest I've ever been to any real Milsim game. Had a great time, and Wolfpack/M.O.U.T. is adopting the same style of play for their upcoming games. Check the Prairies section in Gaming area.
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