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For plinking at a cottage best to get an air rifle or pistol that shoots 4.5mm or .177 cal. They're a lot more accurate and easier to get. I suggest something from the Daisy Powerline series or similar series.

Also it's easy to import them as they are unregulated firearms, which means you just need to declare it at the border, pay some duties and you're good to go. Airsoft on the other hand (that shoot 6mm plastic BB's) are not allowed through the border (once on the other side however are perfectly legal to own). Don't ask why, it's just been legislated that way.

Usually if you're out in the sticks it should be fine to plink cans however read all relevant ordinances to your city/municipality since it may or may not be prohibited. If so then you can get a fine of I think something in the region of 200-400+ (varies depending on what the fine is written down as for your specific municipality) as well as possible confiscation of the device (doesn't matter if it's airsoft or a pellet gun as they are both "air powered" and in the eyes of the municipality are both illegal to discharge).

PS: Also be smart and don't be an idiot and you'll be fine. If you're waving it around at the beach or w/e someone's probably going to have a problem however if it's obvious that you're shooting targets (ie. target stands, safety glasses, large target sheets, precision shooting sling, etc.) then they're going to be less likely to phone the police/ERT/RCMP.
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