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Originally Posted by gladtoplay5 View Post
im turning 15 hoping to get an airsoft for my b-day am i even allowed to discharge it? and what are the laws for transporting a airsoft gun?
if my parents buy me a airsoft rifle in the u.s. well mbo3 to be exact are we allowed to bring it across the border?
That depends on where you live and your city regulations. If the city does not permit the discharge of any type of air or pellet gun within city limits than you should not be seen outside using your soft air gun. On that note please access your user settings and update your profile location.

What are the laws for transporting an airsoft gun? I wouldnt so much call this a law as a rule. That rule is common sense. How would you transport a machete? or really big scary looking knife? In your hand? Walking casually down the street? Of course not. The item should be in a container and out of the public view during transportation.

In regards to your parents purchasing you any form of airsoft or soft air from outside of Canada. The straight and simple answer is no. Without going into the long winded explanation; all you really have to understand is that airsoft importation is not permitted.

As stated above; please review out frequently asked question section as it contains threads on many questions you may have or will have.

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