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Originally Posted by gladtoplay5 View Post
im turning 15 hoping to get an airsoft for my b-day am i even allowed to discharge it? and what are the laws for transporting a airsoft gun?
if my parents buy me a airsoft rifle in the u.s. well mbo3 to be exact are we allowed to bring it across the border? sorry if some of these questions are a bit stupid im new to airsoft.
1. Yes you can discharge an airsoft gun, just do it at a game or in a private location that belongs to you whereby no one can see you. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with location. Your backyard is not appropriate. A general rule of thumb is if you can see a building or cars from where you are then it's not a good idea.

2. Transporting Airsoft should be treated with great respect. Bag them up in a fashion which makes them impossible to tell what they are. Using a rifle bag or case is a good start (or inversely a pistol case in this situation) or tuck it away in the box it came in inside something during transport, such as a duffel bag or backpack. Only transport the gun when going to a game, do not carry it with you for no logical reason.

3. No you cannot bring airsoft over the boarder. They are more often then not seized and destroyed. Failure to declare them can result in fines and possibly criminal charges. Also straw purchasing an airsoft gun is a very gray area of the law and I would not recommend your parents do so.

You may wish to contact some local fields in your area and speak with the hosts to see if you can audit a game or even participate, if your responsible and willing to abide by the field owners rules then you might be able too, that however is up to the host.

If you really want to get into plinking, I suggest you hit up some local walmarts/Canadian tires and see about getting a springer shotgun or pistol to plink with. This sport is not cheap and can quickly rack up very expensive tabs that even folks with good paying jobs have a hard time keeping up with, let alone a 15 year old.

Consider waiting a few years (3) until your old enough to buy your own stuff, work part time jobs and do stuff that teenagers do (like discover girls). Airsoft will be here when your ready.

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