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Originally Posted by nadav224 View Post
Hey there.
Please i want to know two things:

  1. Where from the Flash Hider Screwing are starting? (Star/Ares FNC Shorty)
  2. What is the correct screwing wise of the flash hider? (CCW/CW)

(i took this picture from any review... i dont have the gun now, i just want to get a silencer on it so i wanna know this detalis)

If someone can take this picture and mark it from where the flash hider starting (question 1), thanks very much!!!
Direct quote from the Review you lifted the picture from. Infact this quote is directly under the picture in question.

The AEG is shipped with a red plastic flash hider, of course it was immediately replaced with the black steel hider that came with it, 14mm ccw threads. any 14mm ccw suppressor should work.

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