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Originally Posted by ScooterVauto View Post
the photo of the battery lead is hard to tell, it kind looks like a micro plug
you might be able to bustardize something using banana plugs. I reccommend taking the battery to a regular hobby store and I bet they set you up for under 10 bucks.
tell them you want Banana plugs to what ever end the battery has. slick fast and No Fires hahah
Ok I have a hobby shop near my home I think, I'll hit it up to ask them.

I never imagined Airsoft to require so much electrical know-how. :P hahahha... But I am enjoying myself because I am learning

Also, what Amps should I set my charger to when I charge my battery? Its as shown, with 1300mAh. I checked a safe charge time table that came with my charger's manual, it says for 1000mAh batteries charge at 1.2A for 70mins, etc... Since mine is 1300mAh I set it to 1.3A for now... I will try to charge it for 1hr. anyone have experience on this?

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