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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
I doubt you have a 5-cell battery, that would be 6v. It's more likely 7-cell and 8.4v

You also didn't answer CDN's question.
Sorry about this... Like I said I'm very new at this. So I'll use a bit of show and tell.

I have this charger :

Trying to charge this type of battery(except mine is 1300) :

My charger didn't come with the proper male plug for this type of battery... It did come with a pack with just the plastic head and small metal stems, which means I have to mod or make my own... Which, is what I am trying to do, and apparently I think I am doing this all wrong. Umm..

Is there no simple charger for this type of battery?... Something that I can just plug, and charge? :P
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