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Originally Posted by Kid View Post
What about damage to inner barrels? Since these are a lot harder than regular BBs, would they be prone to cause damage to our tightbores? (Especially soft metal, coated bores, and/or dirty barrels?)
I run tightbores and I've run about 5 bags through mine and have not seen any kind of damage whatsoever. I don't recommend these for the Gen1 PTW crowd that tends to chop BBs - I owned one so thats from experience. As I've said on ASC in the past if you find styrene particulate in your feedpath on a regular basis, you've got an issue, as your gun is deformating or cutting BBs. With silica, it is harder, so the BB will not give, those parts of your feedpath will.

I found it odd that I even had to mention it because, at least back in my day of AEG maintenance, when you found BB particulate in your feedpath, you immediately ceased use of the gun and got it repaired by a gundoc - the particulate indicated a problem. I think because of come AEG models regularly chopping BBs, some people think this is normal AEG behaviour - it is not, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Hence its just another topic of discussion in the ASU AEG101 course. People have asked my why are we teaching a basic AEG course - this is an example of why.

The flip side is, if you don't have styrene particulate in your feedpath, you're good to go.

Just wait. If you think Silica was hard, you're going to be blown away by the next BB Bastard product release.
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