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Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
Yep, airsoft parts is an amazing retailer and my first choice always. Just wish they would stock MP5 handguards..

Anyways those King Arms Magazines will impress you. If you got the plastic ones, it's a shame they even call them plastic. They are extremely sturdy and when i had my spr i had the VN Mags. With a slight slight cut to the mag retention lip, they fed flawlessly 100% of the time. They really are the best midcaps out there.

well I ordered the lowcap 68 rounders, not the 100 - 110 rounders midcaps. And they say metal. anyways, I already have a hicap and a midcap, and I'm not too hungry on ammo. on my last game I didnt even went through half of the hicap lol. these will just be a safety buffer in case I ever need them.

I cant wait to receive the TM MEU mags I ordered too, as the army armament mag I have sucks big time. the BB loader I ordered with the rest will be a great asset too. Loading a hicap without one is a piece of cake... but the midcap and lowcaps are a pain in the ass to load a BB at a time!!! lol.
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