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GBB - Clip Blowing Out

First off, I am a totaly new to AirSoft (see how many posts I've done ), so this may be a stupid question. I've searched Google and the forums, but couldn't find anyone who had this issue.

On Sunday I purchased a KJ GBB M9. I just got a chance to test it last night. When I fill the mag and shoot, the clip falls out (I now have a nice ding on the bottom of my clip after it hit the cement). After shooting a couple of times, the clip stays in normally.

I thought at first it may be beause I am left handed and that my fat finger would press upon the clip release button, but when I shoot with a gasless mag, it never falls out.

Am I filling it up too much (i.e. is the pressure too high to cause the clip to expel from the bottom?

Also I notice that after filling the mag, I hear a very quiet squeaky noise, as if there is a very slight leak. Is this normal (to expel excess pressure, etc), or is the mag likely pooched? I tried tightening the assembly, but it didn't help.

Any help for this n00b would be greatly appreciated.
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