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Re: M203?

Originally Posted by northcop
Browsing the gallery on here I see alot of lucky folks have m203 launchers mounted on their guns. I want one of these very bad and it doesn't look like I will be getting age verified any time soon given the part of Canada I live in. Anyway what I'm wondering is how often do these things change hands if ever? and should I basically give up my search for one?
What are you looking for? An EGLM or an m203? What gun?

There are often quite a few of both.

Where in Canada do you live? Where do you play? Some age verifiers will accomodate you and meet you part way between if you make the effort first.

Some change hands, lots don't. They are too versatile, as long as you stay away from propane nades you could get A range comparable to most stock AEG's. (propane is fine for indoors)
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