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Props and such!

Hey, Just finished my "Suitcase bomb" props this morning and figured id post em up

(I plan on using something better than green painters tape in the future but for now as a test dummy its good enough)

the basic set up is a pair of 1.99 briefcases I got from value village, and some overly long cardboard tubes cut down to 7 inch lengths, taped in a bundle and laid on the left side of the case.

I then taped an old cellphone (For effect basically) and plan on running wires from each tube to under the cellphone itself (as if it was a cellphone trigger or timer of some sort)

Included as well is a cheap dollar store digital egg timer which can be set for however long is needed and makes a decent amount of noise when it goes off

I plan hopefully later on to cut the tubes to an exact length or replace with PVC pipes and plastic ends and use glue or an another adhesive besides tape :x

Also, if anyone has any other props post em up, I'm always looking to build new props or get ideas for new props!

Due to some sort of "Security Token" missing I couldn't upload my photos to ASC so here the link to my photo-bucket album with pics:
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