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I was at a 24 hour game this weekend and one of the sponsoring shops had a stand with a few of the new, for Italy anyway, G&G Raiders on hand. I dunno.... I liked what I saw. Sure, its a lot lighter then my current M4, being made of plastic/fiberglass, but after humping up and down mountains all the day, I'd have welcomed the lighter AEG.

However, the big thing for me was that it was the first M4 I've yet seen with a plastic receiver that didnt look/feel like crap, which for me is nice since I'll be coming back to Canada at some point and this pretty much solves the importing issues.... (Im assuming this for now as the receivers not metal.)

But I do have a question: It being a blow back design, would I be able to swap out the stock BB gearbox with the one from my G&P? I haven't seen the BB action close up yet, but it'd be nice to know that if I found the BB to be ass, I'd have the option to use a regular gearbox instead.

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