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The market has fluctuated quite a bit recently with the arrival of the new Safesoft initiative.

There are about 420 posts in the AEG classifieds. Many of these posts contain multiple guns, but quite a few are expired listings that were not removed or discarded because of a local trade. It would be safe to say around 500 AEGs are currently available right now in the classifieds.

There are around 390 posts in the bolt and gas section. Once more, taking into account multiple gun threads and abandonned threads, around 450 pistols, gas rifles and bolt rifles available.

There are around 630 posts in the parts and accessory section, containing innumerable parts ranging from simple screws to near complete guns, kits, optics and mags.

All of this is available right now from particulars in Canada, so by getting AVed, you gain access to an absurd amount of stuff right now.

There are a few more retailers outside of ASC, but for the sake of argument I stayed within the AV retailer section. The only difference in methodology this time is instead of averaging prices, the lower was noted.

Results here:

Lower end guns have not been included by personnal preference, but they are available at a higher import cost. The final cost will still be lower, but because of the higher margin, it is usually better to go for the top tier items.
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