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You can go to Laser Trek during the winter months to play CQB but outdoor is where it's at apparently (Trek isn't that great of a place and apparently the owner isn't really an honest guy either).

Join JOC and contact "Gish" who is an Age Verifier, there are also a few others dotted around Calgary however that's the only one that sticks out (other than Ken Cheung or "KenC" on the forums here).

Have you tried 911Supply? I believe it's owned by a member here "Pivot" or at least he works there. If you're in/around the Edmonton area there's also Capital Airsoft run by Jeff Baker or "Baker_Jeff" on the forums.

EDIT: I use hiking boots myself ("McKinley" boots with a composite toe) and they're good and all however they're starting to fall apart from lots of use (I've had them for about 6 years and use them pretty often). So your work boots might fit the bill if they're in an earthy tone and provide ample traction and roll protection.
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