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Originally Posted by Kommandant View Post
Hey there! My names Kyle, and im in the market for some starting equipment. Suggestions and the like would be great! I live in Calgary Alberta and probably wont be heading to Quebec any time soon so local suggestions would be great if ya know what i mean thanks!
I currently have my BDU down, and my boots, inche raised 10 eye garrisons are nice, unfortunatly not steel toed. What im mainly aiming for as far as equipment goes is informaiton on aquiring a good Tactical Vest, Goggles, not Glasses, or a good Paintball mask, Holsters mag pouches and a Camelbak. Although i dont mind ordering off the interenet i would much rather buy it from a store. Unfortunatly Crown Surplus doesnt have tactical vests fit for airsoft or atleast not to my knowledge, and doesnt have Camelbaks. Good BDU store though....
Hi Kyle.

If your new to airsofting I highly suggest you get out to a local game. If you have some Camo, goggles, and boots your ready to at least attend your first game and meet n greet. It will be a great chance to talk to the geardo's and get some tips on local places and what not to buy.

Goggles can be found at a variety of places, but Im sure a local boy can point you in the right direction, also bear in mind if you are "sans" gun atm you can rent and very often the rental will include goggles which again will allow you to talk to people and get impressions about what works. Its usually a good idea to either borrow or rent for your first outing and SEE these things in person, you will very quickly discover what you like and if your polite and respectful and ask first most airsofters will be glad to allow you to handle their stuff to get a better impression.

Welcome to the sport.
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