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Originally Posted by Sibie123 View Post
So like are any of you gonna post some useful help advice or just diss this gun?

and i am looking at making the gun stronger (higher fps) ,ROF (faster shooting) or changing the stock to a higher quality.
To continue with support as a non-age-verified user. Please answer the following questions as well as supply the numbers and letters from the post above.

1. Why would you want to make a POS "stronger" if it's just to see how guns work and entry into the sport?

2. If you want to do the above, why not get a decent gun? Then you don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to try to upgrade something not worthy.

3. This is not a question more rather a statement. Try reading the FAQ's and other Newbie posts to see what others are doing. Get a feel and a sense for what we are about here and what the "Standard" is. That way, you don't look like a doofus showing up to a game under-age and with a POS ClearSoft gun.
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