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I just read the horrible product description on their website.

In terms of internal and external modifications its all based on what you wish to achieve, so what is it you wish to achieve?
Is there anything wrong with leaving well enough alone?

Comical quotes from the website product description.

The H&K G36 C Airsoft gun can go between semi and fully automatic with the flip of a switch.
Switches eh? I suppose that would be much easier than a complicated pulley system.

The foldable stock and adjustable hop-up allow for ease of use and quick reloading.
That must be new. Stocks and hop up units now add +5 to reloading.

* Powerful motor
* Rapid fire
* Dual power
* Foldable stock
* Adjustable Hop-up
* Powered by 8.4V NiMH battery
* Battery & charger included
* Adjustable rear sight
* Tactical railing
* Black finish
Runs on both hydro and solar energy!

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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