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Red face Umarex H&K G36C AEG

Hey, well i'm new to airsofting and i just got a gun : the Umarex H&K (officially liscenced) G36C non blowback version.(,194,66.htm). I know it isn't the most awesome gun around but i just got something to get into airsofting and learn how to take care of a gun etc. The gun shoots at 300fps and is battery powered. It features a cocking system where if there is no battery, pulling back on the cocking handle allows you to shoot with spring power.the mag holds 300 bb's and it has a fold up stock, and the gun is black coloured. Well i was just wondering if anyone on the forum has had this gun and knows if there are any mods (internal/external) that can be done on it.

Thanks in advance,
Sibie (Calvin) :smile:
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