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Originally Posted by Brokenwings View Post
I've read somewhere on the forum that the internals from the blowbacks get wrecked. Now i know, this is just like any other airsoft gun, but i'm interested in getting a WE scar, and was just wondering if they brake even faster than a normal EAG. (i think the type of gas you use changes the outcome of this too?)

i've also read that the come shipped with gear's unlubed, how often should you lube the internals? - same as a normal EAG?

Thanks, new to the blowbacks, trying to get some info before taking anymore steps. not planning to buy anytime soon though, prolly because they might get cheaper?
We SCAR is ungameable out of the box... both of mine fired between 450 and 550 fps out of the box... they need an adjustable flow nozzle installed before you can get them down to under 400 FPS

There are no gears in a GBBR ... and you lube em every time you use it .. and clean them after every game

Also a reasonable mag loadout, say enough mags to hold 300 rounds will cost $450.00

So 550 for the gun , 450 for mags .. 60 for the Nozzle, $1000 to get started
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