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Originally Posted by ex View Post
How is the Recoil on the WA more realistic than say the WE?

I have a WE and I think its about 75% of a Real M4. Just curious.
75% of a 22lr one maybe. There's no way WE m4 has that much, just remember a 5.56 out of a real m4 is 884 meters per second with a weight of 4.1 gram which equates to a large momentum, the WE m4 shoots around 120m per second on a 0.2g projectile even with the blow-back calculated, its no where closed. I've fired a 9mm Colt SMG select fire (M4 SMG chamber in 9mm) and none of the recoil comes even close. unless you're comparing it to a blank fire.

FYI I've never fire WE m4 but SCAR, Daytonagun AK (kicks the hardest), KJW m4 kicks a lil less than WA series, WA m4 series None of those are even close to the real one. Daytonagun recoil is about lil less than AK shooting blanks. (5.45 blanks) according to a classic airsoft member who shot both.
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