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Its even more annoying when you go to all the trouble of meeting with an AVer and it still takes weeks for your account to be updated. I am not really new to the sport, just didnt manage to get verified till recently, yet no change. Not very encouraging. And before any of you get on my case about why it took so long to meet with an AVer, first there arent many in Edmonton, and of those only one responded, and he and I couldn't get our schedules aligned. That and I had cancer this year. So when a store finally got approved to AV and I met him I thought I was all set. WRONG

Atleast in Edmonton there are options as far as AV'ers go. Where I live there is only 1 AV'er and I don't even know if he is still active. Oh well, Patience prevails and a trip to the city may be good for the soul......

Sorry to hear about the Cancer, hope all is going well for you.
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