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Originally Posted by M.Garcia View Post
Best way to do some research (that I know of - simple for me) is to take the model of gun and YouTube it. Then you will find many videos of people explaining their experiences with it. Gives you a good idea and you don't have to read .

I checked some videos of the WE M4. Looks pretty badass.

Dude.. I don't know how you play, but I like to play realistically as I did for my first game. Lots of fun. Yes of course you carry more than 1 mag. Honestly, this one mag hi-cap deal that people do just makes me view them as a 14 year old with no experience. No joke.

You reload by pressing the mag release, and insert a new magazine.
Thanks for the advise.

But...I'm not a 14 year old boy nor I attend the game with only one hi-cap..somepeople in Calgary maybe knows I'm pretty hardcore guy...
My point do you figure out if the mag is fully filled up with a gas? do you count a second or what? I've watch a video on Youtube that one guy is keep shooting a bb's out of the gun with out refill the gas up. He is just shooting the bb out of the gun and reload and so on...
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