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Totally new to GBBR.


I'm totally new to GBBR world, so I just want to gather some tips before I get into it.

I'm going get a GBBR but I don't know which one is good. I know that KJW makes nice gas blowback systems, so I was thinking of getting a KJW M4.
But I want a realism. I mean, I'm looking for a hard kick GBBR.

So here is my questions;

1. does KJW M4 has a hark kick? if not, which brand would you recommand?

2. I realized that most of magazines are hold up to 30rd bb's, how do you reload? Do you guys just carry many mags? or do you reload the bb's with one mag in the field?

3. how much gas can I hold in the mag? like for normal GBB pistols, I count 3-
4 seconds and it last untill I shoot out all the bb's were in the mag.

4. which part effects the blow back system? is it same as pistol? or different?

5. how do you maintain a mag? same way to the pistol's?

6. the difference between gas mags and co2 mags?

As far as I remember, these are the thing that I want to get advised.

Thanks for your time.

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