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Amos' Guntech work

Hey everyone, I thought i'd start a new topic where everyone could put some reviews of Amos' Guntech work, and all of that.

So i'll start it off, and if anyone has had a great experience, feel free to add!


Amos, while in town, came to my house after a long journey of nearly an hour out of his way, and started work upon my box of unassembled parts.

With the help of some trusty allen keys, a glass of water, and some steady hands, i had myself a working Maruzen APS-2 SV, and had figured out several problems i could not. The rifle did you not leave his bench until he was happy with it, and i got to watch every part of it, and learn. Not only that, but he offered to take a look at my pistol, in which he cleaned, and tuned to give instant results of more accuracy, as well as FPS.

On top of his gun-smithing work, I purchased an AI adaptor, and a few internal parts for another rifle. His prices were fair, his products were what they were, and i couldnt be happier. I would trust no one else, except Amos with my rifles!

And yesterday, i had the chance to chrono, and test out the rifle. Chrono'ed with just a 2 FPS deviation, and i then chambered another round to start setting my hop-up. Expecting to have to spend countless BB's setting it, i fire my first shot, and to my luck, it was adjusted perfectly for the BB bastard .36's i was shooting.

It flew about 200 ft, perfectly straight, and dropped. I thought this couldn't be right, so i took a few more shots, but it was the same.

Amazing, and with a pretty strong crosswind too!

So all in all, Amos' attention to detail, and the fact that he takes so much pride in his work, and strives for perfection really says something!

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