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Wow, wish I found that earlier. Heres the one I got and my vids looks like
-in daylight YouTube- CQB Toronto May 8, 2010: Goodnight Sweetheart
-in lowlight YouTube- CQB Toronto Indoors May 30 Eco Game pt2
Problem with mine is placement. I can't really mount this anywhere except for in my radio pouch on my molle vest. In some of my other videos, you'll see my sling gets in the way. I've been toying with the idea of getting one of those pen like spy cams and taping it onto my helmet but I don't know about the image quality.
Quality picture looks very similar to mine.

Now I have it mounted with a scope ring on the side of my MP5K on the railing and it looks exactly like in the special ops missions, you can see clearly in front and part of the supressor, it's pretty cool.

Also in regards to the clone ones, don't forget that they are $20 but WITHOUT Micro SD card. So at $57 you get the real deal and a Kingston Card. I will post some picture on my set-up pretty soon!

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