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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
You know, you can buy those for less than $20 if you searched up MD80 on eBay, you didn't need to pay $57.. I have the same one, I use it for CAPS.

YouTube- Lanny Mr.Hitman C.A.P.S. May 14 (3 Stages) [POV]
Well the clone ones I saw someguys with them and there was some major lag the framerate was awfull and it was all jerky. I simply decided to buy the real one, not a clone one. The quality is better than what's shown on youtube and I am positive that it is better than the clone one at $20.

Edit: actually looking at your vid you can clearly see the better quality of image on mine. I simply did not wanted to pay 20-25$ for a clone and be disapointed and then ordered the real deal and having wasted 20-25$...

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