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Originally Posted by Contractor 6-8 View Post
ok thank you for your answer ! I know I should search a bit to find a Mosfet...but can you say me where and how much to find it ? thanks for your patience all !
Donc voici plus d'info sur les MOSFETs....

What does a MOSFET do?

A MOSFET unit provides super efficient control of power to your AEG which prevents damage to trigger contacts from electrical arcing, and can increase rate of fire. Without a MOSFET unit, the full uncontrolled current from the battery is dumped through the trigger contacts - which leads to pitting and corrosion of the contacts as arcing occurs during uncontrolled making and breaking of the electrical connection. The problem is even worse in upgraded guns, which use more power. This degradation of the contacts leads to loss of power and eventually requires the contacts to be replaced. With a MOSFET unit in place, your gun can enjoy the benefits of clean power control - and no arcing damage!

Basic MOSFET control is provided by a unit like the extremely economical Simple MOSFET Unit (SMU), which provides all the aforementioned advantages at an excellent price!

Units like the Trigger Master Computerized MOSFET unit provide all that, and more! In addition to all the basic performance increases, the computerized units have many additional features such as burst-fire functions, battery monitoring, and more!
Et je te conseil de pogner celui-ci :
Simple MOSFET Unit (SMU)

Les autres MOSFET disponibles sur le site sont à environ 85$ puisqu'ils ont plusieurs fonctions de tir programmables, comme BURST....

Mais bon je ne pense pas que cela te soit utile :P

Sinon, si tu est un peu doué avec de la soudure, tu peux t'en fabriquer un... (LINK)

Hope it Helps!


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