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dude... let me explain to you...

Higher voltage will make your motor cycle fater

Higher mah (miliampérage) will give your motor a higher energy = higher torque (but could also be influenced by the battery chemistry)

With a 8.4v 1400 MAH battery, (and I guess a near 400 fps spring?)...
your motor doesnt receive enough energy from the battery to remove the gearbox gears and spring from its inertia = problem in SEMI

A lipo battery, however, because of its chemistry, gives a lot of energy/torque to your motor, and it creates a really important electric ark at the switch assembly, each time you pull the trigger, which creates a black carbon residue. A MOSFET will act as a electrical switch instead of a mechanical one = no carbon residue!

Unless you want to open your gearbox everytime after you've shot with your gun to clean the carbon residue, or experience the frustration of a non shooting AEG in a middle of a game, INSTALL A MOSFET WITH YOUR LIPO!

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