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You can also go with a KJW G32C. It's a compact version, not sub-compact. And the velocity with propane and 0.20 BBs is around 265-270 FPS (so it will be abit lower thant that with the G27) and I do not suggest using 0.20 accuracy wise it's horrible and BB's will just go left and right so with 0.25 you get around 235 FPS which is really low...but decent accuracy (chest size up to 35 feet, which is not bad but not great with the stock 6.08 barrel, so for CQB it's cool but don't expect to snipe someone at 75 feet with this pistol)

The difference in inner barrel lenght between both model:

G27: 73mm G32C: 84 mm

So what I did is that I purchased high flow valve for the magazine, they are really not expensive ($10 US each on ehobby) that should give me at least a 20 FPS gain (I hope, I did not received them yet)

The only thing that I changed is I a metal magazine catch to replace the plastic one and a tightbore inner barrel. The stock is 6.08 which is a pretty wide bore and since it is short too...the accuracy is not amazing...So with a 6.03 Pdi barrel it cannot be worst, it will certainly help a bit. I was even willing to go with a shorter barrel (unfortunately no company does a tightbore inner barrel for G23 or 32C) but tightbore than the stock barrel which is 1.1 cm long will see if the gambled paid off in a week!

For the rest I agree with Jimski do not touch anything else. As a matter of fact for the KJW G32C there is some parts already upgraded from the start when you get it, like the enhanced loading nuzzle and the upgraded piston cup I am not sure that those parts are upgraded for the G27 since it's an older model, but anyway don't touch the internals until something break.

So the 2 small changes that you can do to boost FPS and accuracy:

- Get some highflow valve to replace the stock one on the magazines:

- A tightbore Pdi 6.03, it will help especially with a short barrel like that:

P.S: The KJW G27 is compatible with the TM G26, so if you need upgrade parts, look for G26.

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