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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Oh and sorry for posting twice, I disregarded the edit button this time, lol.

Courtesy of ILLusion (well, I kinda just stole it, but you know...):

Also, there are some vids on disassembly of a Hi-Capa on this page: 1911's are similar, yet have that internal frame thing that comes out when you start removing a whole lot of parts, lol. Dang, I know I've seen a TM 1911 disassembly guide with pictures once before... and I had it bookmarked on a computer that is literally in little bits of plastic and metal right now. Get someone local (like nooblord) to walk you through that if you get stuck, though.

Oh wait, I found it: Damn, I wish I had found this when I got mine, lol.
You are the man! The airsoftohio link is exactly what I've been looking for! This should come in super handy when I go to change up the parts on my gun.
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