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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
see this problem is the PLAYERS, not the mags, this is like saying guns are bad because people shoot people with them
I use an MP44 and they only have Hicaps, but I fire in either semi or bursts shorter than 5 rounds, but ZOMG HICAP I R TEH NUBSAUCE@@@
I keep hearing this argued over and over and over, yet my experience in the field says that when people have hicaps, they play like fucking nobs.

I'll start supporting this argument when I actually see players using hi-caps like normal magazines. Hasn't happened yet.

And your MP44 is also a moot point -there are no standard mags for it. I'm talking about the people who go out into the field with 10 G36 hicaps or something completey retarded as that. One game I was at a guy had 12 -yea, that's twelve- AK hicaps. That is beyond stupid.

I'm not saying everyone should use realcaps. I don't use them myself. But hicaps, for all tense and purposes, completely eliminate any need for trigger or ammo control.

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