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18+ rule

Hey guys I just don't get this rule if the person is under 18 and can prove that he is mature enough then why can't he play. Paintball is an 18+ sport to but if the kid has a parent purchase a gun he can play if he and parent sign a waiver. Can kids (14+) play airsoft if they have a parent come with them?having minors in the airsoft would really grow the sport just like paintball which I have exp in and I can handle airsoft guns safely. I also know tons of people who would be interested in the sport if it was available. Even if some adults don't want to play along side minors then they could have certain games were they can play. Or the kids could come to a few matches be tested for maturety and have to prove themselves which some kids are more mature than some adults. It's up to the veterans of the game to teach the people of airsofts future. I myself am 14 and I already bought an airsoft gun and have some paintball gear that I can use to. I can also bring alot of friends into the game and they will tell their friends and so on and so on. I know way more kids then I do adults that are interested in airsoft. Wouldent it be nice if airsoft was a really popular sport like hockey+football and it wasn't the minority, it would be way easyr to get guns n gear since their would be more walk in shops. Youth is very good for the sport every pro athlete once wad in the minor leagues training to be in the bigs
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