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Originally Posted by CerberusNet View Post
I was thinking..hoping rather, to get some sort of ride program going for people looking to attend in the windsor area. I'm in Belle River and have no way to get there so far...
I'm sure if we can get a couple people together willing to share the cost of gas and attending for the same amount of time it would make things much easier and could even get a lot more people to attend courses. If anyone is willing to participate in this idea please let us know. I'll walk there if I have to bu I MUST attend..
I'm looking to go for all courses the entire weekend.
Maybe we can make a list of what carpool/drivers are where, what the routes are if ppl are on route and want a ride, cost of gas, number of riders, time staying at ASU, when pool departs to/from aswell. Hopefully this works..or I atleast find a ride lmao...

Btw, GREAT idea!!
I suggest the creation of an ASU shuttle service. Casinos, hotels and real universities have them, why not this one?

Just a thought.
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