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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Not really actually, if you play around with the numbers at 330 on .2's you're still getting something like 280 on .28's, a little slower than most PB fields' max speeds however for the effective range boost it's worth it IMO. At 350 on .2's you're getting a little under 300 on .28's again, this is what most PB fields speed limits are.

Just lead your shots a bit and you should be more accurate and be able to engage at larger distances.
Originally Posted by Brockavich View Post
Alright... Well I think before I go running to any conclusions about my gun's accuracy I ought to take it to a field somewhere and set up markers when there's no wind. (last I tested it outside it was kinda gusty)

But alright I'll check out some parts you guys suggested...

One more thing though:
Do you think anyone would sell an A3 upgrade kit? As in, essentially swapping out the whole barrel assembly? Because other than the barrel assembly there isn't a difference between the two is there?

Or am I going to have to go out and buy an A3 if I want some front rails >_>
ok thanks a lot guys I gonna use my .28g BB bastards then !
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