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To respond to a PM, which probably everyone should have an answer to:

Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney
Just wondering the exact address so I can sort out transportation to the event.

Is there a kit list someplace of what is needed?

Thats all in the works to be posted on ASU, but, ASU Primary can be found here:

Kit list will also be posted shortly, but it will be stuff like:

Sleeping bag with pillow
combination lock for your locker
navy or black cargo pants or slacks
extra underwear socks and shirts
comfortable indoor shoes
your primary AEG
your sidearm (if you have one)
one load bearing system with mags for said equipment
Airsoft PPE such as goggles and masks
1 GMRS Radio (bubble pack is fine)

AEGs must have cases that they can be put away in. AEGs must be field ready, there will be no extensive on-site repairing going on. There is no need for hydration systems or other extended gucci kit - this is about function, not fashion. Be ready to don and doff your gear between classes in 10 minutes. If my students can get firefighting bunker gear and breathing equipment on in under 3 minutes, I am positive airsofters can learn to do it with their kit within 10 minutes (lol).

Pace will be quick.

There are medical and parent consent forms (for those between ages 15 and 17).

There will be a guest handbook that includes various other things as well - we're just crafting that now. But there is nothing unusual required that your typical airsofter doesn't have.
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