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wow Heck of a thread, from Info to name calling..
base idea of cost and kit needed to play.
how about a sniper load out. assuming He makes his own Gillies..

(FYI being a member of an on line sniper group that has been called elitiest once or twice, its just a word, it means as much as you let it.)
If your game play requires a weapon, you spend what you believe will get you there, How ever if you take the time to learn, you might find a weapon that does the job fo a couple hundred bucks. If you are going to dump 20 000 rounds in a day, spend a least $1000.00 on a weapon, mags and battery or
find a used one from a reputable member.

if your going to simply toss a couple 1000 bbs around, you might not need to spend 1000.00, but if you spend that now, its likely the 1000.00 weapon will be able to change as you style changes..
Its just like paint ball, spend 250 on a prolite and $300 bucks worth of modifcations (Springs, valve body, 7 port vented Bolt and some special barrel) and you just bought a 550$ marker that will last for years or you go drop 500$ on a lightly used Angel and play for years throwing paint out of it making the cheapsters cry when you get them from 30 yards out of their range.

Now, you could also mod up the angel and its a whole new ball game again..
Its a savage circle.. but it is what it is..
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